Year in review2Fernando T.17

What a year it was, Fernando! Let’s take a little scroll down Memory Lane and have one last look at your highlights…


Nice! Cheers to your first year of checking in.


You’ve made so much progress! Only 32 more Collectible Categories left to visit.

99New Places

You were a real regular this year with 82% of your check-ins at places you’ve been before.


You were the mayor at 14 places this year! You rock, you roll, you rule supreme. YOU were wearing the crown in 2017.

Top FiveCategories & Places


  1. Plazas93 Check-ins
  2. College Engineering Buildings52 Check-ins
  3. Shopping Malls45 Check-ins
  4. Train Stations35 Check-ins
  5. Universities33 Check-ins


  1. Plaza de AragónCasco Antiguo, Zaragoza
  2. C.C. GranCasaACTUR, Zaragoza
  3. Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura de ZaragozaZaragoza, Spain
  4. HipercorACTUR, Zaragoza
  5. Ciudad Universitaria (Campus Plaza San Francisco)Romareda, Zaragoza


You struck a few streaks these last 52 weeks. Consistency counts. Way to be a frequent flyer...or checker-inner.

Shopping Malls9 weeks
Universities8 weeks
College Academic Buildings7 weeks

Top ThreeEvents

It was a pretty...eventful year, wouldn’t ya say? You checked in at 12 events this year! Party on.


You’re a true trailblazer, a real pioneer. Here are some of the new spots that you were the first to try this year.

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