Year in review2Hendrik S.22

What a year it was, Hendrik! Let’s take a little scroll down Memory Lane and have one last look at your highlights…


Fun fact: You had 789 last year. What’s your goal for 2023?


You've unlocked 1 sticker this year. Keep exploring new spots!

99New Places

You were a real regular this year with 87% of your check-ins at places you’ve been before.


You were the mayor at 48 places this year! You rock, you roll, you rule supreme. YOU were wearing the crown in 2022.

Top FiveCategories & Places


  1. Pubs96 Check-ins
  2. Convenience Stores70 Check-ins
  3. Parks32 Check-ins
  4. Banks30 Check-ins
  5. Soccer Fields25 Check-ins


  1. TerrariumNeustadt-Süd, Cologne
  2. Kiosk TrinkhalleNeustadt-Süd, Cologne
  3. CommerzbankNeustadt-Süd, Cologne
  4. Kiosk Nr. 1Severinsviertel, Cologne
  5. Bolzplatz KuhleNeustadt-Süd, Cologne


You struck a few streaks these last 52 weeks. Consistency counts. Way to be a frequent flyer...or checker-inner.

Pubs52 weeks
Wine Bars48 weeks
Bars42 weeks

Your TopEvents

It was a pretty...eventful year, wouldn’t ya say? You checked in at 1 events this year! Party on.


You’re a true trailblazer, a real pioneer. Here are some of the new spots that you were the first to try this year.

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