Year in review2Victor18

What a year it was, Victor! Let’s take a little scroll down Memory Lane and have one last look at your highlights…


That’s 501 more check-ins than last year. Way to go!


You've unlocked 10 stickers this year! Congratulations!

571New Places

You were a real regular this year with 79% of your check-ins at places you’ve been before.


Step 1: Take stamp
Step 2: Affix to forehead
Step 3: Mail yourself?

Your 2018 Spirit City is Bern. People there this year were more likely to check into the kinds of places you love, like Rail Stations and Light Rail Stations.


You were the mayor at 97 places this year! You rock, you roll, you rule supreme. YOU were wearing the crown in 2018.

Top FiveCategories & Places


  1. Metro Stations233 Check-ins
  2. Light Rail Stations165 Check-ins
  3. Rail Stations87 Check-ins
  4. Hotels76 Check-ins
  5. Roads65 Check-ins


  1. Limehouse DLR StationShadwell, London
  2. Piccadilly Circus London Underground StationPiccadilly, London
  3. Rue PaupinSeloncourt, France
  4. Rapha Cycle ClubSoho, London
  5. Tesco ExpressTower Hamlets, London


You struck a few streaks these last 52 weeks. Consistency counts. Way to be a frequent flyer...or checker-inner.

Apartments or Condos33 weeks
Bars15 weeks
Beer Bars14 weeks
Bill C.
pulsing heart

Your check-in BFF

Looks like you and Bill were best buddies this year. (Or at least you tolerated each other enough to check in 199 times together.)


You’re a true trailblazer, a real pioneer. Here are some of the new spots that you were the first to try this year.

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